Wedding bells are ringing, continued: JIM LR wedded to DHY 307


Yesterday, at the 120 Cazaux air base, Sagem introduced the combined use of JIM LR and the DHY 307 laser illuminator telemeter in its light version (LW, for Low Weight). Two stars of French industry align on the same platform, JIM LR (« Long Range » Multifunction Infrared Binoculars) by Sagem and the DHY 307 LW by Cilas. The first is assembled in Poitiers, and the second in Orléans.

The combination allows the user to combine telemetry and laser illumination to guide air-to-ground arms with all the capabilities of JIM LR (telemetry, compass, GPS, infrared vision, daytime vision, day track fusion, and IR for de-camouflage). In its LW version, the DHY 307 weighs about 4kg, which is half as much as its earlier version with the same level of performance.


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